When Selling Unused Trumpets Helps Others

Everyone does not have a music talent, but those who do, buy instruments that they enjoy playing. Trumpets are a part of the brass family of instruments and the price of them can vary depending on if the instrument is for a student or professional player. Once these instruments have served their purpose to the owner, they can be donated to students who are striving to be a musician in the future.


Student Studying Music For Better Life

Schools have bands and orchestras, but do not always have the funds to buy instruments for every student. Since the schools budget is not large enough students have to share their instruments with others, and in return the student does not have an adequate amount of practice time to perfect their skills. With every note a student plays, they have the opportunity to escape reality or to make their lives much better. Schools have to find other ways to ensure each student has a personal instrument to contribute to their future, but many times they have to hope for a larger school budget or rely on charities.

Mastering A Specific Trumpet

After an adult, who has studied for many years has mastered a specific trumpet they will not need it anymore. They will either throw the trumpet in the back of their closet or trash it. Trashing the trumpet and forgetting about it is simply a waste of money, and there is always a less fortunate person with talent who will appreciate the instrument. Donating the instrument to a charity will ensure that a young musician will have the opportunity to live out their dream, and the previous owner of the trumpet can write the donation off on their taxes.

Sale Multiple Instruments

Maybe you have an orchestra or band that has had to sell all their trumpets, because every member has upgraded. Announce to people you know and those on the internet, that you have trumpets for sale. The profit earned from these sold trumpets can be donated to a charity. If the orchestra or band members do not want to sell their trumpets, but instead donate them, then find a charity that is willing to accept the trumpets.

A Charity For Music Programs

Those instruments that have not been sold, but donated can all go to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. This foundation will accept instruments that have been abandoned by their owners for multiple reasons. Students who do not have the money to buy their personal instruments can now have a trumpet to call their own.

Charities Help Those Who Are In Need

Once an instrument is donated to a charity, a student has the opportunity to be a star click here. The contribution allows a younger person to fulfill their dreams with the same instrument the person donating started with. The person who donates will benefit as well; their social life will improve and they can benefit financially. During tax season the donation can be written off, and the amount of taxes received for the year can increase.

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