Why a Toothbrush Can Be the Best Gift You Can Give To Charity

Donations help the helpless, those who cannot afford basic needs. We have plenty of things we can donate and the most popular items given are probably food and clothing. However, what most people forget is that they don’t have the proper tools to maintain basic oral hygiene. Thousands of children suffer from malnutrition because their teeth hurt so much that they can’t eat. Moreover, thousands of children miss school due to tooth and gum disease, which also indirectly harms their self-esteem.

Children who do not have medical insurance are unlikely to receive dental health care, therefore, suffering from serious conditions; all this for the lack of a single toothbrush. Therefore, the best thing you can do for them is to donate a toothbrush and Waterpik combo. Why a combo, you ask? Well, traditional toothbrushes may not be as effective as a combination with flossing. Some diseases are hard to remove or prevent if dental floss is not added as a daily routine. So by only donating a toothbrush you are doing half the work. For full oral hygiene of these unfortunate children and adults, a toothbrush and Waterpik combo is the best way to go.


So why Waterpik? Won’t normal dental flosses do? Yes and no. Although traditional dental flosses can genuinely help one properly clean their mouths, they might not be as effective as Waterpik. Why? That is because studies have consistently shown Waterpik to be:

  • 50% more effective at preventing gingivitis than regular floss
  • 2 times more successful at preventing gingival bleeding
  • 29% more successful at removing plaques

Why is it so effective?

The way to use Waterpik is via a strong jet stream of water. You can find more information on how to floss using Waterpik here https://www.waterpik.com/oral-health/how-to-floss/. Basically, by moving along the gum-line removes bacteria and plaque quite effectively. It can reach all the nooks and crannies easily where your hand may never be able to reach. It is also a much faster process than flossing each crevice individually.

How can just water be so effective?

Waterpik works using a high pressure jet stream of water that can be anywhere between 5 to 90psi pressure! So it actually has enough pressure to remove plaques and even dislodge food particles that are firmly attached. Don’t just go poking around with a toothpick because you may cause serious damage!

How to pick a good toothbrush

Enough about flossing, now let’s talk about toothbrushes. There are lots of different kinds out there but the best are electric because they give you a better cleaning than a manual does. Moreover, children don’t know the proper movements or how much pressure to put on their teeth, which effectively damages them later on. Electric brushes have pressure sensors that stop you from putting too much pressure and timers that remind you of the optimal amount of time you need to brush.

Nothing can substitute the importance of oral hygiene, especially for children. So try donating a toothbrush and Waterpik combo instead next time. You’ll still be saving a lot of lives.

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