Why donating to charities that carry out medical research really does save lives.

Medical Research charities are dedicated to finding cures and inventing new drugs and without charities such as these many lifesaving drugs or antidotes would never have been discovered. The MRC are dedicated to collaborating with businesses and individuals to raise money in order to find cures for diseases and ailments. Just recently a scientist at The Scripps Research Institute has had one of his ideas for reducing the activity of a protein that is present in most cancers vindicated. This would not have happened without the medical research charity and its input. This discovery may go on to save 1000’s of lives and may even lead to an eventual prevention of cancer.

It is not important how much money an individual or business donates and there is also the option of businesses taking part in the Workplace giving scheme where employees donate a percentage of their salary to charity. The company can choose what charity they wish to donate to and of course MRC is a registered tax exempt organization so any donations are tax exempt.

It can be hard for individuals to make donations to charity, especially if they have very little money themselves. Many people need the help of charities themselves to help them make ends meet and do not have the spare cash to donate to charity. They may have housing issues themselves or are struggling to make mortgage payments. If you are a home or property owner having trouble raising finances and are looking to for ways to raise money click here

When finances are tight and living conditions are not good for an individual it really is hard to consider other people and their problems. But if you have ever needed the help of a charity, even if it was just for free debt advice it’s important to remember that charity may have helped you out of a situation that you were not in a position to pay for yourself. Without charities dedicating their time to fundraising to help raise awareness or carry out medical research many people would not be alive today or living in extreme conditions. If one considers diseases that have almost become extinct we must also consider that without medical research these diseases may still exist today.

Recently the most famous worldwide charity event has been happening in the form of the ice bucket challenge. Participants have a bucket of iced water poured over their head and then once they have carried out the challenge they donate to the ALS association which is a charity that raises awareness and carries our research for the disease known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. This disease is little known and research is so important to determine how it develops and why. Most people simply donate a few dollars but some companies make bigger donations. The charity are desperately researching for better drugs to help treat the condition and an eventual cure.

If you can spare a small donation or you are a business owner and would like to help out a charity then act today and take part in saving lives.


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