Why Sponsoring a Child for an Interior Design Degree Is a Terrific Idea

Most people who donate to charity will donate clothes, food, blankets and cash.  While these are terrific donations to people in need they are just a fraction of things that could be done for children in need and the donations are mostly temporarily solutions.  Before you know it, the food or money is gone and the child in need is still there right where he or she started out.  One of the best things that you can possibly give to those in need is an education because an education can never be taken away from them and can help them get out of their terrible situation permanently.  If you want to give a full term solution and not just a temporarily one then it is time to dig a little bit deeper and pay for a child in need’s studies.

Why interior designing?

Interior designing is one of the most fun career choices there is which is a terrific beginning to a child who have already lived a life of suffering.  Interior decorating is a high paying job that will ensure that the child in need has a strong future ahead of him or her and the sky is the limit for this fun career path since interior designing is quite diverse and flexible.  With a degree in interior design you can work for a design firm, work on your own as a freelancer, start your own firm, work locally or even work all over the world.  It is the ultimate dream job and one that any child in need is sure to benefit from.

Why Sponsoring a Child for an Interior Design Degree Is a Terrific Idea

What an interior decorating degree entails?

Before you decide to sponsor a child you will have to decide on how much you are willing to spend and how long you are willing to commit.  Interior design degrees take about two years to complete and there are plenty of colleges, universities and even online courses that will ensure that the child gets an accredited qualification.  If you want to take things even further then you can also sponsor the child for architecture which takes about five years to complete but goes hand in hand with interior decorating.

Find children to support

You can spend millions on a child’s education and it will be worth nothing if the child is not interested in interior designing.  It is important to find a child who actually has an interest in interior designing and the best way to do so is to either speak to children homes or to advertise your sponsorship in a newspaper so you can scout through interested children.

An interior decorator that made it big!

If you are not convinced that interior designing is an ultimate career path for children in need then you can definitely do some research on the world famous interior designer Juan Pablo Molyneux.  Molyneux started out small along with his wife and is currently transforming homes, apartments, buildings, businesses and even castles all over America and Europe. He has his own firm in interior designing and is constantly making headlines all over the world with his work.  His life is a life that any child in need can only dream off and is definitely worth your investment.